MA: Weapons

Martial Arts: Weapons 中华武功:器械

Shao Lin Liu He Pole 少林六合棍:

Beggar's Stick 打狗棒:

Master Ngiam Tong Kheng said: "This beggar's stick is one of the martial arts techniques I learnt from my teacher Grand Master Yu in 1965. In the 60s, we used to demonstrate and perform this routine and audience had very high regard for it mainly because of its practicality. This technique is one of my favourite. Although I could not practise it as often as I will like to, I always make it a point to revise it mentally. I now share it with like-mind enthusiasts, also as a way to pay tribute to my teacher."

毒龙刀 (Duo Long Dao)"Vicious Dragon" Sabre:

毒龙刀是一套传统的实用大刀法,严师傅习于六十年代。民国年间此刀曾用於抗战克敌。此刀法以左右手练习故又名文武刀。左手演练为防右手受伤时可以左手代之。 刀法简洁实用,取敌上下左右中盘,不以花招取巧,招招制敌,故称毒龙刀。
This "Vicious Dragon" Sabre routine is a traditional and practical sabre technique which Master Ngiam learnt in the 1960s. It was used in war during the era of the Republics. Training of this sabre technique requires the use of left and right hands to the same level of proficiency so that when one hand is immobilized the other could take over with ease. The sabre technique emphasizes simplicity and practicality without flowery and superfluous display; Every move is aimed at either warding off a blow or to take down the opponent thus deriving the name "vicious dragon" sabre.

武当紫霞剑 Wudang Zi Xia Sword:

剑法讲究太极腰,八卦步与天地人三盘姿势为主。优美,明快如游龙,似飞凤。夭矫活泼,翻飞而实用。剑无定法,随敌而变,端倪莫测。 现所介绍的是108 式无重复动作,具腾挪闪展身法的武当剑。
This Wudang "Purple Light" Sword Routine has 108 non-repetitive movements.

Wu Lang Bagua Sword 五郎八卦剑:

五郎八卦剑乃杨家将杨五郎出家五台山所传的一套古剑法。技法不以花巧取胜,却是以实战为主,一招一式皆以取人为主目的。除了此八卦剑外,仍有: 五郎八卦拳,五郎八卦刀,五郎八卦枪即梨花枪与广东所流传赫赫有名的五郎八卦棍等。

Chen Style Taiji Sword 陈式太极剑:

Chen Style Taiji Sabre 陈氏太极刀:

Yang's Pear Spear 杨家梨花枪:


Emei Style Umbrella Gongfu 峨嵋穿云伞:

Walking Stick Gongfu 手杖功夫: