This website is created to share among friends and enthusiasts Master Ngiam's knowledge and experiences in Martial Arts and Qigong.  We hope that Master Ngiam's videos can serve as a reference to those who are serious about learning the arts and improving themselves. Of course, the videos are not meant for instruction purposes and they cannot replace teaching by the Master personally. You may contact the Master direct or through this website's Editors.

Disclaimer: Contents in this website, including all the videos, are meant as an illustration only and not for instruction purposes. Any party making use of the materials in this website be mindful of our intention. The editors, Master Ngiam himself and any other person in any of the videos will not be liable for any consequence arising from the use of the materials.
声明: 本网站的内容,包括所有的影视,是作为参考用途而已,而不是教学的目的。任何一方在本网站使用我们的资料请铭记我们的用意。使用本网站的资料所产生的后果各自负责,本网站的编辑,严崇腾师傅本人与任何其它在影视里的人士将不承担任何责任。

By Editors
9th September 2011