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Master Ngiam Tong Kheng is World Traditional Martial Art Union Ninth Dan, an International Wushu Judge (International Wushu Federation), Elected China New Age Martial Art World Celebrity.  He has been teaching martial arts, taijiquan and qigong for 40 over years.
Master Ngiam’s martial arts are wide-scoped and diverse, both internal and external, including Shaolin, Wudang, Kunlun, Emei Martial Arts and Qigong, various styles of taiji quan or the supreme fists, ie. Chen (陈) Yang (杨), Wǔ (武), Sūn (孙) and Wú (吴) styles. His Chinese martial arts training also included weapons such as sabre, sword, guan dao (long pole with blade), spear and cudgel.

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